Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sketches of a sunday walk

Last sunday we (my wife and my "not so hiking eager" kids) took a walk near the dunes of Ouddorp. With the mud up to our ears we went home satisfied.

These very small sketches (10,6 x 3,15 inch) give a impression of this trip.


Kay said...

wonderful sketches..The center one is very attractive! Have a great day

martinealison said...

Très joli coup de crayon et j'aime tout particulièrement le deuxième avec les troncs d'arbres qui s'entrelacent...

rob ijbema said...

nice dick,realluy like the middle one with the trees
my kids don't like hiking,
have to drag them away from the playstation!

Dick Rink said...

Thank you all.

Very recognizable Rob.