Tuesday, 21 April 2009

De Slikken

The "slikken van Flakkee" is a piece of nature on the Dutch isle of Goeree-Overflakkee. It is a wetland where "heckrunderen" (some kind of wild oxes) walk around. So you'll understand why I didn't do a plein-air (cheap excuses, I know).

When you look closely you'll notice I added grass to my painting again.

Acryl on paper (24 x 33 cm)


René PleinAir. said...

Indeed a weak excuse, hehehe
Those cows are sooo friendly you almost can cuddle them.

I like the adding you did, to combine is good!!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

I did notice the grasses! I love the atmosphere and the textures.

Dick Rink said...

Thanks René, they look frightening isn't that enough?

Thanks Elizabeth. Adding (dry)grass is a very simple way to get a nice texture.

Jennifer Phillips said...

This is really nice Dick - I could see this one even larger too... I like seeing the way you handled the color to suggest such a moving atmosphere...
I was looking at a gallery online today and came across and artist I thought you'd might want to take a peak at... I am going out to gallery hop now, to get some inspiration - take care,
here's the link!

Dick Rink said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks for the link.

Good luck with your gallery hop.

sophie philo said...

wow,this is great!
i like the colors and the atmosphere...and all of it.

Dick Rink said...

Thanks Sophie!

Sara Winters said...

I saw a Plein Air video last night where the artist had to keep an eye out for alligators while he painted.

Having to fear for one's life while painting looks like a pretty substantial distraction!

This is a beautiful painting whether it was painted on location or not.