Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My Crib

A drawing/sketch of our house. Done with a "microschrijver".


Pablo said...

Now I am sketching every day on location. Yours is very nice. I like the agility of the lines and shadows.

What´s a microschrijver?

Dick Rink said...

Thanks Pablo, I think you're doing a good job, yourself. Yesterday I wanted to leave a message on your blog, but somehow that did not work (maybe because I don't know any Spanish).

A microschrijver is the dutch word for a fineliner</a

Pablo said...

Ah, fineliners. I use the Staedtler and the Pitt Artist Pens from Faber Castell. The Fabers are my favorites.

And welcome, Dick. The perspective is something that I must improve, but thanks. If you want to leave a comment, write it an then clik on "Publicar un comentario" button. I wish to post in english too, but my english is very limited to translate long texts.

Here is my gallery on Flickr, with some short translations to english of the pictures:

René PleinAir. said...

So there are you living, in a cornerhouse somewhere in old Sealand.

Nicely done Dick, I still wonder
is it done on site?

Dick Rink said...

Thanks René, actually it's not Zeeland but Zuid-Holland. I don't mind, but a real "flakkeënaar" would not be so forgiving :)

rob ijbema said...

wow looks like you live out in the sticks
love the crooked fence!